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Wells Cargo


Wells Cargo began building cargo trailers in 1954. Jeff Wells, our President, together with a team of good solid employees have made the company grow. We began with the plant in Elkhart, Indiana and now have 5 additional manufacturing plants in Georgia, Texas, Utah, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Wells Cargo is "Number One" when it comes to top-notch quality. Wells Cargo is recognized as being the best because every single employee takes the responsibility for doing his/her job to the best of their ability, by always looking for ways to work smarter and better. Any Supervisor will listen to your ideas...he/she wants your ideas. That's exactly why he/she was promoted to his/her job!

Wells Cargo is a great place to work. You'll find a lot of people who have been with us for a long time. One of the reasons is the employee benefit package described below. Another reason why people stay at Wells Cargo is that they like being on a "Championship Team" . . . but the most important reason is that at Wells Cargo, loyality is a two-way street. You give get it in return. Just ask around.

Mission Statement
Wells Cargo's mission is to produce high quality cargo trailers that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our valued customers. While doing this, we will also provide a safe, positive and productive work environment for all our employees.

Human Resources
The success of our organization is directly related to the success of our employees in meeting our customers' needs. Therefore, we strive to provide our employees and our customers with a positive quality experience.

We Believe
we have the responsibility for identifying and meeting customer needs and expectations. We strive to provide services of consistent high quality that are cost effective and beneficial.

We Believe
our ability to meet our customers' needs is directly related to having motivated and skilled employees.

  • We are an equal opportunity employer and we believe in hiring qualified, motivated employees.
  • We expect and take pride in quality work and high productivity.
  • We value the sharing of skills and ideas throughout our organization.
  • We believe that self responsibility is essential. Each individual must accept personal accountability to provide quality services and to demonstrate a considerate, friendly, and constructive attitude.

We Believe
that people function best in an environment where they are treated with dignity and respect.

  • We believe each person has the right to respect, consideration, and dignity and has the responsibility to provide the same to others.
  • We believe in providing due process for employees through performance counseling and a grievance procedure.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind in the work place.
  • We believe in open, regular communication with all employees.
  • We believe employees should be informed of the policies and practices of the organization.

We Believe
that people function best in an environment where they are supported, challenged, and have the opportunity for self renewal and growth.

  • We value the opportunity for training, development and growth of our employees.
  • We believe in a sense of ownership and involvement at all levels in the organization, as it is only through our combined efforts that we can be successful.
  • We believe that people have the need and ability to contribute to the success of the organization, thereby enhancing self esteem and teamwork.
  • We value teamwork and participative management.

We Believe
that people function best in an environment where they are rewarded and recognized for their contributions to the organization.

  • We believe in a compensation and benefit approach that assures internal equity and external competitiveness.
  • We believe employees should receive regular, honest, constructive feedback on their performance and positive reinforcement for their accomplishments.


  • Competitive Wages
  • Medical Insurance Program
    • Hospitalization
    • Doctor's Office Visits
    • Prescription Plan
    • Life Insurance
    • Short-Term Disability
  • Dental Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • 401k Retirement Plan
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacations
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance Direct Deposit of Paychecks
  • Company Furnished Safety Glasses, Tools & Other Equipment