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Wells Cargo

Landscape Trailers Engineering

Wells Cargo has been building enclosed trailers for over 50 years. That kind of experience is hard to find and it makes a real difference. We've leveraged that experience and apply it everyday in our manufacturing techniques. We call it "Smart Technology". You'll see it throughout our trailers; and better yet, you'll appreciate it after years of carefree service. Look for our Smart Technology in the following areas:

SmartFrame Technology: The strongest frame design in the industry and the source of our legendary durability. Tubular steel main rails, radius cornerposts (front & rear), and fully integrated A-Frame are just a few examples. These frame photos (above) highlight many others.

SmartWire Technology: All 12 volt wiring is completely weather protected with no direct exposure to the elements or road hazards. The molded, 4-wire cable is routed inside the tubular main rail. All brake wiring is run through conduit into a welded channel on the axle. Brake wiring is shielded by a plastic loom and the connections are made inside a water resistant cap.

SmartShield Technology: Every Wells Cargo chassis is protected with a laboratory tested, Corrosion Preventative Compound (CPC), to deter the accumulation of rust. Painted steel surfaces feature a state-of-the-art two-stage process including both an epoxy primer coat and urethane top coat for a smooth, long lasting finish. Also, a special corrosion barrier is applied between the steel frame and aluminum skin to prevent electrolysis.